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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up pamphlets of tourist information in Morden?

The Morden Access Event Centre (111 Gilmour Street) has a Tourism Information station inside the main foyer. You can also generally get some materials at local hotels, gas stations, and museums. Those displays are stocked by local and regional attractions, and Morden Tourism does not moderate the supply of all materials.

How far is Morden from Winnipeg?

Morden is approximately 130 km or a 1.5 hour drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Provincial Highway #3 is the main thoroughfare to Morden.

What type of clothing should I bring?

The clothing you will need depends primarily on the season of your visit and if you have planned any activities requiring specific clothing. In the summer months, lighter clothing and rain-proof layers are recommended. While a warm jacket for spring and autumn, and warm shoes will be needed. If you are planning to participate in any winter outdoor activities in Morden, you will need a winter parka, snow pants, insulated boots, a warm hat and gloves. Check our Weather & Climate page for more details.

How do I promote a tourism-related event in Morden?

We are happy to help you list relevant events on our website. Please visit our section under Events, Submit An Event and fill in the contact form. There is no fee for non-profit organizations.

When is the Corn & Apple Festival?

Morden Corn and Apple Festival is a free, annual street festival in downtown Morden. The event occurs the last weekend of August. For more information contact the Corn & Apple Administrator at or 204-823-2676.

Can I actually find a fossil when I go on a dig with the Canadian Discovery Fossil Centre?

Yes. If you are part of a major fossil find you may even be able to name the new specimen! While the average discovery rate is very high, the success rate of finding fossils varies by dig location and year.

How many kilometers of Walking Paths are in the area?

12.8 kms total. A Rose by Any Other Name – 0.9km: Art and Architecture – 1.4km: Along the Creek and Through the Woods – 3km: On the Shore of Glacial Lake Agassiz – 5.3km: Morden Mansions 2.2km.

Who was Morden named after?

Alvey Morden – 1874.

How and when was Lake Minnewasta created?

1953 – the damming of Dead Horse Creek by the PFRA.

Where did the name for Chautauqua Spirit come from?

The Chautauqua were a wonder troop of entertainers in 1919 who entertained in Morden on a regular basis.